Dressing on a Tight Budget

  • Don’t wait until you are pressed for time and have to make a hasty decision or a choice that is not in your budget. Remember that self-confidence is your primary goal when selecting your professional interview attire. Purchase clothing with multi-use potential.
  • Invest in impressive, classic, well-made separates that can be combined for a ‘professional’ or ‘casual Friday’ look.
  • Begin by selecting your best ‘neutral’ as a nucleus for a professional wardrobe. Colors like black, dark gray, and navy are versatile, but pearl gray, stone, steel blue, camel and celery are fashionable options that lend new dimensions to any working wardrobe. Your best neutral is dependent on personal coloring and personal style as well as your best visual impact. See Exhibition for examples.
  • Purchase matching components. Having options such as wearing a skirt or pant with jacket or vest multiplies possible combinations.
  • Use shirts/blouses/sweaters to create variety of visual effects.
  • Select ties/scarves and jewelry that add to possible visual variety.
  • Consider investing in season-less fabrics that drape and travel well, such as lightweight stretch wool, washable matte jersey or a blend of cotton and rayon.