MS Program Requirements

A minimum of 30 hours of coursework is required to earn your degree. The 30 hours must include 6 hours in research techniques, 3 of which must be in statistics, and a minimum of 6 hours of 700 or 702 credits. 

Areas of Specialization

You will choose to specialize in one of the of the following areas:

  • Apparel/Textile Product Development
  • Creative Scholarship and Design
  • Merchandising
  • Consumer Studies

Thesis or Thesis Project

Thesis Option

Up to 6 credits of 400 level coursework can be part of the 24 credits of graded coursework for a thesis program of study. 

Thesis Project Option

Up to 9 credits of 300-400 level coursework can be part of the 26 graded credits for a thesis project program of study.

Timing varies per student but averages two years. Students taking background courses may take longer. Typically, students complete 10-18 credit hours per semester.

The courses listed below are areas of study that graduate students must show competency (through an undergraduate degree or industry experience) in order to earn their degree.

AllAMDT 210Textiles4offered fall and Spring
AllAMDT 314Fashion Forecasting3offered fall
DesignAMDT 311Apparel Flat Pattern3offered spring
DesignAMDT 312Apparel Draping, Fitting and Design3Spring
MerchAMDT 450Strategy Planning and Decision Making3Spring

Required Core: 21 (24) – 22 (25) credits

AMDT 508Environmental and Social Issues in the Apparel Industry3 Spring
AMDT 515Textile Product Development and Innovation3 Spring
AMDT 517Theory and Methods of Culture, Gender, and Dress3 Fall
AMDT 518Apparel Merchandising Analysis3 Spring
AMDT 519Research Methods*3 Fall
AMDT 520Aesthetic Analysis of Fashion Design3 Spring
AMDT 550Social Networking and Omni-channel Retailing 3Fall
Statistics**3 or 4 Every term

Complete master’s scholarship: 6 credits minimum

Course TitleCredits Semester
AMDT 700Master's Research, Thesis, and/or Examination Every term
AMDT 702Master's Special Problems, Directed Study and/pr Examination (S/F grading)6+ cr. Every term

Select additional credits to reach minimum total 24 graded credits for a thesis option and 26 graded credits for a thesis project option and cumulative total of 30 credits.

AMDT 598Topics in Apparel and Textiles1-3 Every term
AMDT 600Special Projects or Independent Study1-18 VariableEvery term

*Washington State University supports both the master’s thesis option and master’s project option. Please refer to graduate school regulations when choosing an option. Anyone considering additional graduate study as in a doctoral degree, is expected to select the thesis option.

**These courses are offered every two years.

General Program Timeline

Semester 1

The area of study and major professor are chosen.

Semester 2

The Program of Study and AMDT Graduate Committee are chosen and thesis or project work begins.

Semester 3

Thesis or project work continues.

Semester 4

Thesis or project is finalized, you defend your work to your committee and a manuscript is prepared for possible publication.