AMDT students in class, prepping for fashion shows, making clothing, and attending fashion shows.

Apparel, Merchandising, Design & Textiles

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The Department of Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles (AMDT) at Washington State University offers Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees in AMDT, and also participates in the Individual Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program.

As the largest and most comprehensive 4-year textile, apparel and fashion program in Pacific Northwest, we offer a full Apparel Design program and an in-depth Merchandising program to prepare students with all of the tools necessary to succeed in the textile, apparel and fashion industry. 

Our students have access to state-of-the-art classrooms and computer lab, fully equipped apparel design studios, apparel tech and digital lab, a visual merchandising studio, a photo studio, and textile teaching and research lab.

Programs and curriculum are aligned with industry and taught by nationally and internationally recognized faculty who challenge students to understand all the aspects of the discipline.

$1500 Average scholarship award.

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Sarah Kim holding board with fabric samples.

I’ve known since elementary school that I’ve wanted to work in fashion. My time as a designer here has set me up for what I have coming in the future. I grew tremendously as an individual by learning to solve any issues that I ran into.

Sarah Kim, AMDT Alumni ’23