The Merchandising option includes courses designed to teach students the process involved in the planning, buying, and selling of merchandise in either manufacturing or retail organizations. Students choosing this option are shown the importance of understanding all aspects of the industry, everything from the fiber selection to the consumers who are purchasing the items. Classes in this option explore product development, visual merchandising, merchandising strategies, consumer behavior, buying strategies, marketing, and international business.

Merchandising Requirements
(120 Hours)

First Year

First TermHours
AMT 1083
ComSt 102 [C] or H D 205 [C] (GER) recommended3
FA 101 [H] (GER)3
Engl 101 [W] (GER)3
GenED 110 [S]3
Second TermHours
AMT 2083
Soc 101 [S] or Psych 105 [S] (GER) recommended3
Stat 212 [N] (GER) recommended3
FSHN 130 [B] (GER) recommended3
GenEd 111 [A] (GER)3

Second Year

First TermHours
AMT 2104
EconS 101 [S] (GER)3
Intercultural Studies [I,G,K] (GER)3
Physical Sciences [P] (GER)3 or 4
Second TermHours
AMT 2123
ACCTG 2303
Biological Sciences [B] (GER)3 or 4
Complete Writing Portfolio

Third Year

First TermHours
AMT 3143
AMT 3183
Mktg 3603
Second TermHours
EconS 3523
AMT 4173
AMT 420 [M]3

Fourth Year

First TermHours
AMT 4903
Tier III Capstone Course (GER)3
Second TermHours
AMT 413 [M]3
AMT 4503
AMT 4403


** A maximum of 9 hours of electives may be taken at the 100-200 level.