Requirements and Core Courses

Core Courses:

  • AMDT 108—Introduction to Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles
  • AMDT 308—Visual Merchandising and Promotion
  • AMDT 210—Textile Specifications
  • AMDT 212—Apparel Quality and Product Analysis
  • AMDT 268—Illustration and Rendering Techniques
  • AMDT 314—Fashion Forecasting
  • AMDT 318—Merchandise Buying and Planning
  • AMDT 413—International Trade in Textiles and Apparel
  • AMDT 417—Multicultural Perspectives on the Body and Dress
  • ECONS 101 – Microeconomics

Apparel Design Option:

  • AMDT 211—Apparel and Textile Product Development
  • AMDT 220—Historic Costumes and Textiles
  • AMDT 310—Advanced Assembly Techniques
  • AMDT 311—Draping and Flat Pattern
  • AMDT 312—Fitting the Human Form
  • AMDT 411—Fashion Line Pre-development
  • AMDT 412—Fashion Line Development
  • AMDT 492—Computer Applications in Apparel, Textile and Design
  • AMT Electives
  • Portfolio Review

Merchandising Option:

  • AMDT 307 —Consumer Behavior in Fashion
  • AMDT430—Soft Goods Supply Chain Management
  • AMDT 440—Advanced Retail Management
  • AMDT 450—Strategic Planning and Decision Making
  • AMDT 488—Pre-Internship class
  • AMDT 490—Cooperative Education Internship
  • ACCTG 230—Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • Department Elective
  • AMDT Electives

Electives in AMDT:

  • AMDT 315— Textile Product Analysis
  • AMDT 414— Creativity: Development of Consumer Products
  • AMDT 419— Regional Experience in the Apparel and Textiles Field
  • AMDT 429— National Experience in the Apparel and Textiles Field
  • AMDT 439— International Experience in the Apparel and Textiles Field
  • AMDT 460— Costume Museum Management
  • AMDT 480— Special Topics: Study Abroad
  • AMDT 495— Instructional  Practicum
  • AMDT 496— Special Events Production
  • AMDT 498— Special Topics
  • AMDT 499— Special Problems

**Students may also take some classes from the option that they have not chosen as elective credit if all pre-requisites are met.