Hang Liu

Assistant Professor

(Affiliate Faculty in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering)


Research Interests  

  • Nanofiber production and application in biomaterials, protective garments, and smart textiles
  • Development of biodegradable textile products made of bio-based fibers, applications, and degradation profile
  • Testing and Structure-Property analysis of textile products


Teaching Interests

  • Textiles
  • Textile Product Analysis
  • Product Development in Textile/Apparel Industry


Recent Publications

  • Fu, Y., Zhang, J.W., Liu, H., Hiscox, B., and Gu, Y. (2013). Ionic Liquid-Assisted Exfoliation of Graphite Oxide for Simultaneous Reduction and Functionali-zation to Graphenes with Improved Properties. Journal of Materials Chemistry A., 2013 (7), pp. 2663-2674.
  • Fu, Y., Maguire, R., Liu, H., and Zhong, WH. (2011). Special wetting behavior of a graphic nanofiber- modified epoxy generalized for rough textured fabric surfaces. Colloid and Polymer Science, 289, pp.141–148.
  • Fu, Y., Liu, H., and Zhong, WH. (2010). Wetting Characteristics of Epoxy Resins Modified by Graphitic Nanofibers with Different Functional Groups. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects, 369, pp.196–202.
  • Liu, H. & Leonas, K. (2010). Weight Loss and Morphology Changes of Electrospun Poly(?- caprolactone) Yarns During in vitro Degradation. Fibers and Polymers, 11(7), pp.1024-1031.
  • Liu, H., Leonas, K., and Zhao, Y.P. (2010). Antimicrobial Properties and Release Profile of Ampicillin from Electrospun Poly(?-caprolactone) Nanofiber Yarns. Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics, 5(4), pp.10-19.


Educational Background


Ph.D. – Textile Sciences – University of Georgia

M.S. – Textile Engineering – Donghua University

B.S. – Textile Engineering – China Textile University