AMT 490

Cooperative Education Internship

An internship is a valuable way to gain experience and contacts in the industry.  Having an internship makes a student much more competitive when they graduate, and many internships lead to job opportunities after graduation.  There are thousands of companies in the U.S. and abroad that offer internships in the textile and apparel field. Internship exposure helps students gain work experience, better their understanding of the industry, and determine what career path is best for them. The AMT 490 course is required for Merchandising Option and recommended for Apparel Design Option.  AMT 488 is a per-requisite for AMT 490 and required for graduation for students. Check with your advisor to be sure of the number of credits needed for internships and to finish up your degree.  Credits range from 3-10, with 6 being typical. Contact the Internship Coordinator for details. Shanna Pumphrey, Academic Coordinator 509-335-3823 Here are a few hints to help students start the internship search process:

  1. Identify career options that combine your interests and strengths, and search for companies that offer those kinds of internships or entry level jobs.
  2. Utilize the internship coordinator to help you develop your resume and cover letter to meet industry standards.
  3. Regularly visit career fairs to gain familiarity with face-to-face networking needed to land an interview.
  4. Ask family and friends if they have a network you can contact to get into areas of interest.
  5. Stay tuned to the Department of AMDT’s email announcements of available opportunities. As WSU alums continue to impress employers our students are sought out for career positions.