Graduate Studies

Washington State University offers a dynamic Master of Science Program in Apparel, Merchandising, and Textiles.

Opportunities available with the AMDT masters program include:

  • Individualized, in-depth programs of study
  • Nationally and internationally recognized faculty
  • Faculty research grants to support students
  • Publications in refereed research journals
  • Designs and creative work in juried exhibits
  • Competitive assistantships
  • Graduate internships

The master’s program provides students with opportunities to pursue research through the completion of a thesis or project.  Research areas for a thesis or project include:

  • Apparel/Textile Product Development
    • Specialized end-use apparel
    • Fit and function
  • Consumer Studies
    • Socio-psychological
    • Cultural and ethnic
    • Historical
  • Consumer behavior
  • Creative Scholarship and Design
  • Merchandising
    • International trade
    • Sustainability
    • Economic development
    • Retail studies

Besides the graduate courses offered in AMDT, students are encouraged to take courses from related disciplines such as business, psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, women’s studies, statistics, and engineering.  By branching out to other areas of study students are provided opportunities to expand their knowledge, theory, skills, and methodologies. Faculty members from other disciplines may also act as mentors and serve on graduate committees.

Upon successful completion of the graduate program, AMDT graduates will be able to

  1. Assimilate, integrate, and evaluate SCHOLARSHIP in OUR MULTI-DISCIPLINARY FIELD.
  2. Understand basic research design, AND VARIED RESEARCH METHODS AND ANALYSIS.
  3. Develop expertise AND CONDUCT RESEARCH in one or more specific areas of the discipline.
  4. Describe the impact of current trends and FORECASTING FOR OUR FIELD.
  6. Make strategic AND ETHICAL decisions AND DEVELOP EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS for organizations.

Graduates compete in a dynamic and expanding marketplace. The state of Washington a major industry sector, which creates considerable opportunity for industry-related scholarship and career development. The AMDT master’s program helps students become more competitive for both entering the apparel and textile industry and continuing on to a doctoral program a strong research foundation is created.