As the largest and most comprehensive 4-year apparel and textiles program that offers a full Apparel Design program and an in-depth Merchandising program in Washington, we offer students all of the tools necessary to succeed in the fashion, retail, textiles and apparel industries. We have state of the art classroom equipment, fully equipped apparel design studios, a program and curriculum aligned with the industry, and nationally and internationally recognized faculty.

Students are challenged to understand all aspects of the  textile, apparel, and fashion industry. For a more in-depth focus, students have a choice between a Design Option or Merchandising Option.   Students are expected to graduate with a thorough understanding of the apparel and textile industry, from concept to consumer. Students can take part in various activities such as the fashion show production or design class, internships, study tours, student clubs, and undergraduate research opportunities.

Strengths of the Program

  • Most Comprehensive Bachelor’s and Master’s program in Textiles, Apparel and Merchandising in Washington.
  • The Pacific Northwest is a major apparel industry sector leading the US in the active sportswear market.
  • Our specialized faculty educate for careers, leadership, and satisfaction.
  • Faculty members are nationally and internationally recognized in AMDT fields.
  • Broadens perspectives through field trips, internships, and study abroad.