Faculty/Staff Directory

AMDT Faculty/Staff Directory

Faculty/Staff MemberPhone NumberEmail AddressRoom NumberTitleArea of Interest
Byers-Brown, Laurie335-7949 or 335-1233byersbro@wsu.eduJSNH Annex C30Principal Assistant
Chi, Ting335-8536tchi@wsu.eduJSNH Annex C30AProfessor and Department Chair
Ghalachyan, Armine335-7827armine.ghalachyan@wsu.eduJSNH Annex C17 Assistant ProfessorSustainable textiles and apparel, Bacterial cellulose as a novel sustainable material for apparel, Functional apparel design, defined as design for human well-being, enhancement and empowerment, Holistic sensory evaluation of textiles and apparel
Hiscock, Shanna335-3823s.pumphrey@wsu.eduJSNH Annex C13Academic/Internship Coordinator
Liu, Hang335-4726hangliu@wsu.eduJSNH Annex C21 and PACCAR 160Associate Professor
Lou, Xingqiu335-7890xingqiu.lou@wsu.eduJSNH Annex C27Assistant Professor
McCracken, Vicki A 335-8399mccracke@wsu.edu Hulbert Hall 301A Professor, Associate Dean and Director of Extension
Shaheen, Manal335-7453manal.shaheen@wsu.eduJSNH Annex C25Lecturer
Silva, Carolinacarolina.silva2@wsu.eduJSNH Annex C29Lecturer
Son, Jihyeong335-1651jihyeong.son@wsu.eduJSNH Annex C19Assistant Professor

AMDT Emeritus Faculty/Staff Directory

Emeritus Faculty/staff MemberPhone NumberEmail AddressRoom NumberTitleArea of Interest
Bradley, Linda Arthur
Salusso, Carolsalusso@wsu.edu