Making the connection, after graduation

AMDT Alumni Group


Alumni of Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles can make connections and impacts, thanks to a newly created networking group.

The WSU AMDT Alumni Group provides a welcoming environment for all alumni to meet, network and help support current and future alumni professionals. The group hosts regular events that promote continual education, networking, and career development.

“From my perspective, it is simple to see the benefits,” said founding member Kaley Porter-Perry, a 2012 AMDT grad who is now in quality assurance with Nordstrom.

“As a student, I found my education benefited from exposure to the apparel industry and industry professionals visiting the campus,” Porter-Perry said. “And as a new graduate, I was able to launch my career by networking and engaging other alumni working in the industry.

“The more industry professional alumni support that can be leveraged, the greater opportunity students have for a fulfilling, well-rounded education,” she added. “We are all better if we support each other.”

amdt-alumni-group“In our industry, people move around, change companies and careers,” said AMDT chair Joan Ellis. “Networking for professional development after you graduate is very important.

“Our alumni have found that it’s vital to stay connected,” she added. “They need a place they can connect and combine their energies. Now, by being a part of the Alumni Group, they can make an impact.”

To stay connected to Pullman, the group plans to organize campus speakers to share knowledge with students, and plans to help offset the costs of national or international study tours through donations to the department.

“Our alumni see tours as a very valuable experience,” said Ellis. Professional development opportunities, internships, mock interviews, and job shadowing opportunities are other possible outreach avenues.

“I really enjoy seeing students engage in school and investing in their future careers,” said Porter-Perry. “Working with WSU AMDT, in particular, is satisfying because I know what it feels like to be in [students’] shoes. It takes a lot of courage and ambition to be an AMDT student. I believe that deserves support and I’m happy to provide it as best as I can.”

To get involved in the WSU AMDT Alumni Group, contact Joan Ellis at