Examples of Career Paths in the Industry

Design – Assistant Designer/Intern

Creativity is one of the key elements of design. With the correct interpretation of fashion trends, people in the design field utilize artistic skills and knowledge to create and develop fashion products. Design is a process of creating and assembling.

Product Development – Assistant Manager/Intern

The main purpose of product development is to deciding if a product is marketable by researching and analyzing its target consumers, trends, competitors and market opportunities. It is a process of developing a product or a product line from a general concept to a comprehensive launch plan through different activities.

Merchandising – Merchandising Analyst/Assistant Buyer/Intern

Merchandising mainly involves strategic planning and decision making for retail purposes. Statistical and financial analysis usually needs to be applied into merchandising. By analyzing and organizing data, merchandisers develop profitable marketing and selling plans for a specific product line.

Sourcing/Procurement – Assistant Production Manager

Many companies outsource materials or production, so a sourcing and procurement role is needed in those circumstances for overseeing the production process and maintaining supplier relationships. A sourcing and procurement specialist needs to work closely with the company’s suppliers and manage their performance in order to ensure that a product is executed correctly and completed within a required timeline.

Supply Chain Logistics- Import/Export Analyst

A supply chain is a network of all the organizations and people who are involved in the steps from material sourcing to product delivery to consumers. The main goal of supply chain logistics is to develop efficient and effective transportation and storage plans. By managing distribution and cost in the supply system, specialists in this field can increase the sustainability and productivity of the supply chain.

Retail Management (In Store) – Assistant Manager/ Retail Assistant/Intern

Retail management is another important part of merchandising. Specialists in this area usually work in physical stores to help and communicate with customers face-to-face. Their performance directly influences the sales of products.